Toledo is famous for its historical carácter, its art and its Steel. It is difficult to know the exact date when sword and knives began being made in the historic “City of Coucils”, but it is beyond all doubt that this industry is as old as the town itself. During the XV, XVI and XVII centuries, both production and fame of this industry reached a peal when the Sword-cultures Guild was first establighed. Craftsmen throughout Europe and even from the East come to Toledo to learn from this artisans the “secret” of making those inimitable blades which raised the name of Toledo and its Tagus river to a height no other has achieved over the centerures. The fame of the Toledo steel was enrooted in the mastery with which some artificers handled tempering, without any technical knowledge, or instrument capable of measuring, by far, the high temperatures for such magical treatment and transformation. This ability and mastery, “THE SECRET OF THE TEMPER”, have been fervently protected by all the swords masters of Toledo, being transmitted only generation to generation till today, proving that “Toledo Steel” is unique in the world.

Thanks to our King Carlos III, when the swordsmith was replaced for the firearms and a great danger of extinction existed, this intelligent King ordered to construct the “Toledo National Factory of Weapons”, with a priority aim, to gather these famous masters swordsmith, to safeguard and to give continuity to this recognized handicraft industry. In this factory have been made the swords, sabers, daggers, etc. richly decorated, of Kings, Chiefs of State, Ambassadors, military men etc., of the world.

Equestrian and Infanty suits of armour reached a peak in Europe during the same centuries and in the Royal Armoury in Madrid one of the biggest and richest collections of this armours is conservated.

In year 2009, our Imperial City will open the best Army Museum of the world, and logically the famous swords of Toledo will remain exposed in one of the best places together with those from the “Toledo National Factory of Weapon”, for delight and admiration of the thousands of visitors who will visit this museum.

Marto was founded in 1961 in the old district of Toledo to regain the testimony and the techniques of this sword master-craftsman tradition, being very proud to maintain today this “SECRET OF THE TEMPER”, that is the essential thing of the SWORDS MADE IN TOLEDO, giving prestige and continuity to the famous TOLEDO STEEL.

Marto has gotten throughout these 53 years of life, a great prestige and recognition inside our sector, both national and international, and its articles are positioned in the most standing and important specialized establishments of the sector, in almost all the countries of the world.
Marto with its actual structure and a team of men, faithful to artesan’s tradition and willing to make a very effort offers this original handwok that we present throughout this web page, hoping will be of your complete satisfaction.