Toledo Steel - Bermejo

Bermejo, is a brand known worldwide for the manufacture of swords and military sabers. It originated in the creation of the company Bermejo, SA being the oldest company engaged in the manufacture, being founded in 1910 in Toledo (Spain).


The Spanish tradition of making swords have the city of Toledo its centre, Bermejo is a faithful keeper of this tradition since 1910. Presently, Bermejo is the oldest company dedicated to this fabrication taking up the first place over the world in the field of the militaries swords and sabers. Armies of the five continents, may adorn their uniforms with the sword of Bermejo. The respect to the procedure of classical fabrication, the experience of the workers of Bermejo in the work of the steels and the special attention to quality, are the secret of Bermejo.


The sword of the Spanish Army, was the first one of the swords manufactured by Bermejo, together with the Spanish Subofficers swords are from the model calling of “Puerto Seguro” with reference of their designer. There is also to detach the Spanish Navy sword, the size of this sword is on purpose small in accordance with its marine use.


It also produces swords and sabers used by European armies, along with others from different countries clearly influenced by the manufacturers of the old continent. The variety is important, so, close to the Hellenic Army officer sword of which blade is one of the most flexible blade of all known ones, is found the richness of the British, Norwegian or Belgian swords. On these swords is used with the same care, the stainless steel or the traditional carbon steel.


The US Navy sword, was the first one manufactured by Bermejo for exportation, by the hilt detach itself the marines officer sword a clear descendant of the mameluke sword. It is also interesting the stylized design of the Academies and Air Force swords. Beside some historical USA sword, it is presented the sword and the court sword of the Mexican Navy, this last one clearly influenced by the British model. All the handless is made of fused brass, presenting themselves a mirror polish termination gilded with 24 K. gold, or nickel-plated of first quality.


In the same context, produces sabers of the rest of America, showing clearly the Spanish and German origin. From all of them detach themselves the brigadier of Argentine, general of Chile and the reproduction of the Simon Bolivar sword. Real work of art of which reproduction present a large number of problems that only can be solved by swordmakers artist with great experience of their work. The scabbards are made of chiselled brass, polished and finished into a gold bath of 24 K. The scabbards of the rest of the swords are manufactured of polished stell in some case or with leather cover in other. The Brazilian Navy sword is a sample of how the art of the sword, the artisan with the goldsmith is mixed up.


Together with court swords, of typical design of the last century, of which use is still effective for difference professionals and clubs in several countries, can be see historical swords reproductions. For to make it Bermejo take care themselves to use the same materials used on the originals, so the bronze, the brass, the wood and the oil tempered steels, is worked by the artisan of Bermejo giving as result pieces of high artisan value which dribs and drabs are leaving off their production, by this reason these pieces are very appreciated by the collectors. La Armadura, como complemento tradicional de la espada y también Toledo, tiene gran tradición en la fabricación de Bermejo. Su mayoría están fabricadas en chapa de acero pulido en algunos casos y grabado al ácido en otros, siendo reproducciones fieles de las originales del siglo XVI. Su fabricación respeta el diseño articulado de brazos y piernas. Estas piezas son un elemento decorativo importante y transportan a los que las contemplan a la Edad Media más tradicional.