Currently the exhibition hall of D&D Toledo (Marto Group) is a journey through the history, you can see the swords of "EL CID", "Merlin the Magician", "Carlos V" or "Catholic Kings Ferdinand and Isabella", along with a wide collection of Katanas or oriental swords in their different versions, combining the tradition with the modernity. Similarly, it is an investigation labour, which is achieved only by traveling around the world and knowing the traditions of each civilization, giving reality to swords, helmets and other historical objects.

With a history since 1986, with the manufacture of certain models for the film Highlander, Marto began to develop a collaboration with the film industry, until1993, when the heads of the company decided to jump right into the marketing sector. They set their sights on Hollywood in order to extend the range of swords and exploit this merchandising. Thereafter, were made replicas of the "Conan" sword that hit the market and gained worldwide unprecedented success. To these first replicas were subsequently incorporated new products of the film " Conan", swords, axes , shields, daggers, helmets, jewelry, etc... Currently, DyD Toledo has the exclusive this Barbarian products created by Robert E. Howard, taking the distribution and production of replicas of the weapons of Conan.

The licenses granted were slowly opening up the world of the Sword of Toledo to the wide screen through Hollywood. A license "Conan", was followed by others with no less success: Highlander, Xena, Hercules, etc ... , up to the present, where not only sell licensed products manufactured by ourselves, but we have also built as a major exclusive distribution licenses of action movies worldwide, the Hobbit, the Lord of the Rings, 300, Rambo, Eragon, Graldiator, Hellboy, and a long list.

"Many of the heroes of the wide screen and television brandished steel from this company in Toledo to face their main enemy, becoming the most requested armory enthusiasts for fantasy action movie" ( newspaper "La Tribuna de Toledo " section "Live " in its publication of November 16, 2003 ).

Highlander, Immortals in its Spanish version, was a great adventure. In this production were used 50 Marto pieces made during the filming of the movie.

Anecdotal was custom made by an American company, who requested the sword making solid gold Xena. The challenge was brought before the master swordsmen of Toledo, having to build, tune and crush the solid gold, trying to lose the minimum. Finally was successfully executed, counting the sword with five kilos of gold and valued at 120.000,00 euros.

Gradually, fame envolved this company, thanks to the publicity that our swords were blockbusters. Thus, the national newspapers, adn also the gained fame in the Hollywood movies gave rise to name Hollywood Armory.

"What do they have in common The Cid, King Arthur, or Alexander the Great? All, on the wide screen, fight with swords forged in Toledo" were described by Gonzalo Aguilar Fernández Prado, on December 30, 2004 in "antenna 3" News.

On January 4, 2005, to mark the premiere of the film " Alexander" in Madrid, Marto delivered to Oliver Stone (director of the film) , Colin Farrell and Val Kilmner a sword like the ones used in the filming of the movie, engraved with their names and the date. For the film were manufactured two types of swords, the combat, which is a logical design Greek but worldwide is known as Iberian falcata, and the parade, which is used by the warrior to boast of victory.

Another success derived from this film industry, are the jewels of Marilyn Monroe or the claws of Wolverine (agreement made with the Marvel publisher)

To mark the fourth centenary of Don Quixote, it was manufactured his sword, a sword very elegant, consisting of a very thin sheet (foil type) and a handle made of two shells, shows two scenes from the book. The first in which appears Don Quixote figure riding beside Sancho, and the second, which represents the famous battle against the windmills. Also built armor nobleman Alonso Quijano.

This was followed by the design and collection of "Heroes and Civilizations" (History of the World through the swords), comprising seven unique swords that since the creation of the Universe (Saint Michael Sword) through the Empire Roman ( two-handed sword of Julius Caesar), until the conquest of America (Sword of The Catholic Kings) are the main axes of our history, all done with Toledo steel and gold damask, a combination of both crafts. The first one, " the first sword of history", the Saint Michael's one, is wavy and gold plated as it is related the biblical version.

Currently, dydtoledo world leader in the distribution and marketing of films swords and knives, counting with the major licensing and exclusive distribution as "Conan" and "Luis Royo" (indefinitely), " Highlander " ( shared with the owner for the U.S.) , "Xena", "Hercules", "Gladiator ", "Zorro", " Alexander the Great " and " Peter Pan " and continuing the journey, licensed to manufacture and distribution of miniatures and jewelry of "the Hobbit" and "The Lord of the Rings" and also, distribution license for the guns.