This Spanish company established in Toledo, has collected all the (Know-how) knowledge, experience of over 100 years of specialized work in the manufacture of our traditional crafts Toledo by Marto Group companies, and their irreplaceable master craftsmen , sword makers, specialists and professionals currently continue in this activity, maintaining an outstanding the deserved prestige, national and international, that have all of our brands - Marto, Bermejo, MIDAS, GARZA, GUNSMITHS HOLLYWOOD-acquired brands by this company together with its patents and intellectual property records, models, prototypes, molds, tools, machinery, equipment, tools and accessories, as well as all its stores, stocks of raw materials, semi-finished and finished products currently remain in the different commercial catalogs that remain, as always, at your disposal.

The different families of production, weapons, armor, damascene, graduates and marketing items that until now have been billed by Marto Group companies, together in a single store in a single billing company, a single order, sent one, a single bill and a single receipt, thus achieving what many times you have advised and requested better service with less bureaucracy, starting a decisive stage of reforms, settings and services, with strong international projects great projection and future we wish to share with you all.

We confirm that our commitment to quality and finish recognized by all of you, care and services are, as always, fully guaranteed and it is clear that our goal is to offer the utmost attention to their needs beforehand thanking critical few tips and make us to build together a successful future.



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